Best Tricep Workouts

Best Tricep Workouts

The best tricep workout I have ever done is a seven exercise tricep workout. This is because I really have long stubborn triceps. It is really hard for them grow. Then I decide that I will hammer them with seven exercises, seven intense tricep exercises that include free weights and cables.

I do this best tricep workout once a week. It is powerful enough to keep my triceps sore for 2 days.

The first exercise I will do is the standing cable triceps press down. This is an excellent exercise to warm up the triceps. I will do 3 regular sets, going heavier as the sets progress. Then on the final set, I will do a drop set. This will have my triceps on fire and well prepared for my second exercise, then awesome lying tricep extension.

This is the best exercise to build size on the triceps. But I will not be doing regular single sets; instead I will super set it with bench dips to boost up the intensity. There are 3 sets involved. On the first set, it will be 12 reps, on the second set, 10 reps and on the final set, it will be 8 reps. All the bench dips will be done till failure.

For the fourth exercise on this best tricep workout, I would do overhead tricep rope extension. The angle that this exercise is executed gives an amazing soreness in the triceps until it rides up all the way to the shoulders! Remember to keep your back straight and your abs tight.

Then, I would use overhead dumbbell tricep extensions. By using dumbbells, it puts much more pressure on the muscle as it needs to work harder to balance the weight.

Then, for the belly of the triceps, I would do dumbbell tricep kick backs. Use light weight on this exercise and focus on form. Squeeze hard on the peak of the contraction.

Last but no least, this best tricep workout will end with some hardcore body weight dips till failure. This is a very good exercise to out some meat on the triceps.

The Best Tricep Workout Ever Plan

  1. Tricep press down and drop on the last set
  2. Lying tricep extension superset with dips till failure
  3. Over head tricep rope extension
  4. Overhead dumbbell tricep extensions
  5. Dumbbell kickbacks
  6. Dips till failure

For all the exercises, do three sets, starting with 12 reps, then 10 reps and then finally 8 reps. Remember, it is super important to use weights that really challenge the body. It must be intense enough to make you scream!

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